March of War

March of War is a free-to-play, online, cross-platform, multiplayer, turn-based, strategy game by ISOTX , the same company behind the award-winning Iron Grip games. The game re-imagines the 1940’s global conflict in a gritty dieselpunk and alternative history setting, bringing with it six unique factions that engage in vividly rendered 3D battles. Players are offered …

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Iron Grip: Marauders

Iron Grip: Marauders is a free-to-play online war game with 3D turn-based battles using the Unity game engine. It has been in development since the open beta was launched on January 17, 2011. The game was released through Steam, the online distributor, as part of their Free to Play strategy game catalogue on September 30, …

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My first public  project, ET-XreaL. An Open Source re-imagination of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The project was something I did in my free time to improve myself in multiple skills, to learn new technologies and to contribute to a project that had actual merit and interest. The project ultimately didn’t workout. Community adoption was low, partly …

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You are the master Ganker, your level is over 9000 and you instagib every noob in the world. Your task is to kill as many noobs as you can, and to get the most ridiculous score doing so. You control your Evil Paladin (the big placeholder) with the WASD-keys and the left and right mouse …

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