Cry Engine Demo

These are a few Work in Progress shots of a Cry Engine 3 demo map I am working on right now. The engine is powerful and has a strong focus on environmental scenes with loads of flora and a mixture of buildings.

Although nature scenes are interesting, the more challenging part is the combination of powerful tools like the Foliage Tool, Terrain Tool and normal assets. Using a strong decal and spline system, only a few castle assets (four for those with a keen eye) can be used to make a lush complex environment without falling victim to repetition.

The editor is strong and I would definitely advise it if the project focus is on nature with some sporadic buildings thrown in.

Updating an existing map

March of War has a large set of maps, divided over different settings and game modes. Due to the production of these maps and the progress ISOTX made with their tools, maps have to be updated and adjusted over time.

OrientBeforeThis map, known by the working title Orient was not originally made by me and was presented to me for an update on both graphics and gameplay. The map’s major criticisms were the lacklustre terrain texturing, the empty vistas and the layout of ‘a set of buildings in a field’.

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Siege Overhaul Commentary

For the work on the Siege mode, I was entrusted with one task: To make the mode more fun to the player. Based on feedback from the community and testers, I realised that the game mode had a very straight and obvious solution which did not encourage the player to make any meaningful actions. To make matters worse, the mode was exploitative which led to a strong anti-climax.

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Siege mode and more

Another highlight of the things I did for March of War as employee of the studio. For more info on the actual game, I advise you head over to

March of War, Tutorial and others

A quick highlight of the things I did for March of War, partly as Graduation Project and partially as a contractor and employee of the studio. For more info on the actual game, I advise you head over to

Tutorials Iron Grip Marauders

These images are part of the new tutorial that Iron Grip Marauders launched in October 2012. They were designed to be quicker, easier accessible and prettier then the previous tutorials.

Internship at ISOTX

After a period of silence, I can proudly present what I’ve been working on in the past few months. I’ve been working as an Intern at ISOTX and in that period, I’ve worked on a lot of different maps with different settings and themes. Here is a small slide show of some of those maps.

ET XreaL Release

I can proudly present Beta Version 0.3 for ET XreaL.

It’s available from Source Forge and it features are documented in this Forum Thread, as well as resent developments and comments from me.

Below you can find some new images.

“The Things We Did Last Summer”

He guys, my updates are going very pale on this site, but that’s for a good reason:

I have connected myself to the ET-Xreal Project. In this project. We want to recreate Wolfenstein Enemy Territory with new technology and assets. The more interesting details are found at the project website at ModDB.I hope to present a stable running version within a month or two, so everyone is free to play it.